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Positional Option Selling System

[in hindi]

This is Recorded Webinar of Positional Iron Condor Strategy which are learned by more then 1500 students [got 4.5 star Rating]

This webinar will focus on how to take advantage of theta decay in weekly options to your advantage. We will discuss the theta decay profile of weekly options and how to benefit from the decay. students will learn mathematical models for writing options which are useful for positional as well as intraday option writing.

To provide a new perspective to participants about option writing. Introduce them to the Mathematical rule based systems world. Educate them how to frame rules for a trading system.

what you will learn?

  • Risks of option Writing and how to mitigate those risks

  • Theta decay profile of weekly options

  • When to enter the positional option writing

  • What strikes to select

  • How to set target, stop loss and trailing stop loss

  • How to do adjustments  

What you will get?

  • Full Recording of Webinar

  • Presentation

  • Excel file for back-testing

  • Telegram Channel for post webinar Support - where will share charts for learning purpose.

Duration - 2 hours

Fees - 500 INR

How to Pay?

Send payment to following UPI id -

UPI id  -  yogesh.nanda1@okhdfcbank

After Payment, Send a Confirmation Screenshot, your email id and mobile number on Following telegram id.

and course video and material will be delivered to your mail id same day.

Telegram id -

Feel free to contact for any query at



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